PROMPT ensures that pest control is carried out by people who are properly trained and competent.

Membership Fees

The BASIS PROMPT Pest Controllers register is an industry initiative which provides independent proof that a pest controller has received proper training and continues to update their expertise.

What does it cost?

An initial registration cost of £10 + VAT per applicant and an annual fee of £39 + VAT. £34.00 + VAT for members of the BPCA, NPTA and Local Authorities. However, applicants who undertake training for the RSPH Level 2 in Pest Control examination will qualify automatically for entry onto the register free of charge in the year that they pass their examination and will not need to pay a membership fee for the rest of that year.









1 January to 31 December



Standard Membership Fees 

£39.00 +VAT





Member of BCPA, NPTA, Local Authority,
or payment by Direct Debit.  

£34.00+ VAT






Joining within the same year as attaining qualifying course









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