Have your employees achieved the status of a registered BASIS PROMPT Professional?

BASIS PROMPT Certified Professionals

The BASIS PROMPT register is an industry initiative which provides independent proof that a pest controller has received proper professional training and has continued to update their expertise through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Because registration has to be renewed each year, members of the register will always be aware of the most up-to-date techniques, products and legal obligations.

By employing only pest controllers who are registered with BASIS PROMPT, companies can now be assured that they have chosen managers and technicians who are able to deliver a truly professional level of service. They also show that they value their workforce by providing professional training and career progression.


What is the advantage of only employing Managers and Technicians who are registered with BASIS PROMPT?

Pests that endanger our health, contaminate our food and environment and damage our property are best dealt with by professional pest controllers because successful treatments require a high degree of knowledge of biology, habits, habitats and control methods.

This is knowledge that only a professionally qualified pest controller will have gained as a result of training and experience. But not every company which offers a commercial pest control service employs managers and technicians who have this degree of knowledge.

By employing managers and technicians who are registered on BASIS PROMPT, companies can prove to customers their commitment to the highest professional standards.



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